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    A-ROD PATCH 4 COLORS (Slightly damaged by sellers poor shipping habits) #95/99

    Anyone Interested
    A-ROD 2003 Fleer Behind the Numbers
    Creases around patch
    $8 DLVD or trading for similiar quality in basketball
    I can not stand when people do not know how to ship cards!!!!!!!!!
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    id second that. its a pretty serious crease. hope you didnt leave (+) feedback for him!!!

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    nah I will just keep it and take the loss. Fleer should not have to pay because people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SHIP CARDS (yet another sweet card I have seen ruined due to crappy shipping) :(. The more we as a card community uneccesarily cost fleer the more they have to charge us for their cards.

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    I did not laeve any feedback because I know he would retaliate and I have a perfect Ebay rating with over 500 + feedback. I emailed him about it and he told to F*** off

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    Because I don't want to bid on items from a seller who acts like that. I have a perfect fb rating as well, and I'd be pissed if I was in your situation.

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