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    Cool This finals was the worst ever. vent of the Day

    I would have to say this finals was the worst of my lifetime so far. I didnt watch a single one of the game because I could careless about the two times that played. Their was no one that was really great we wanted to watch. Tim Duncan is a good player but he is so boring on the court, he brings nothing to the table on the enjoyable to watch. I had no ideas when the game where even played that is how boring these finals were. The tv rating then showed this, they received the lowest rating ever for the NBA Finals. Next year, David Stern needs to make sure their are better teams in the finals or the NBA is going to tank it again. If Iverson or Kobe, or even KG was in the finals the rating would of been double what they were but we had boring Tim Duncan and Jason Kidd. The fans in New Jersey said it all whenever the left the arena in the fourth court, they were saying they didnt care about the finals and it sucked.

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    See...this is what I'm tired of. A bunch of people running around crazy ™™™™™ing and moaning that these Finals sucked. They didn't. these peopel just want to see big dunks and all that stuff...lucky shots, crazy lay-ups that go in, etc.,etc.

    I am tired of it. I want to see real basketball and I got it.

    These was some real basketball, not just a bunch of one-on-one sh*t all over the place. This was team basketball and people played liek it was a team, not a 1-person v.s. 5-people. There was passing, boxing out, defense, things that basketball REALLY are. Not just a guy running up 360ing a dunk and the crowd exploding and boo'ing whenever Tim Duncan does because he's patient and waits for the plays too develop, or throws a bank-shot in. Well, does it matter whether it's a bank-shot or a dunk?? They both get two points, don't they??

    Well, I'm tired of all of sh*t. Stop whining and get on with your life.

    If you wanna see dunks, watch the highligh real.

    If you wanna see a good game, watch basketball like the Finals were.

    Or of course, some old-school ball where the players played REAL ball.

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    It was his opinion, you can have your opinion but whats the point of attacking his?
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    Anyways, I liked the Finals, but you can't hide the fact that it had the worst ratings ever. People wanna see flashy personalities, and that's not gonna change.

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    The finals stunk b/c I am a Lakers fans.

    It might have been more exciting had the Nets actually been able to shoot and score.

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    the last few finals have stunk, any finals involving the nets will stink

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    The finals...oh wait, I'm biased, I really don't watch the NBA......

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