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    Haven't made a Trade in a while...

    Check my site and lets trade.

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    marcus giles auto, andy marte finest.........i really want that giles

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    What can you guys offer? The Chipper and Marte will be tough to get but I'm willing to listen to any offers.

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    i dont know what you want, check my site and plmk

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    i have about 20, just check my site theyre all listed on there

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    Sorry...didn't see anything bravesfan86

    thanks anyways.

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    I like your:

    2003 Studio Private Signings Adam LaRoche Auto #d/200 BV $15

    You can check out my site at (I recently updated it with more,better cards)

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    still like that Maddux auto...I have this incoming, and would be willing to add another auto or cash...

    2003 Sweet Spot Gary Sheffield AUTO (BV $40)

    lemme know!


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