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    Anyone have any Ripken, Palmerio,Teixeira RC's, Game Used, Autos?

    Does anyone have any Mark Teixeira, Cal Ripken Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, RC's, Game Used, or Autos? I have about $150 in PayPal right now and would like to use it on some of these. For Ripken, I want all game used, excluding bat/ball cards, any certified autos, and any RC's in good condition. For Palmeiro, I only want multi color game used jersey, glove, hat, cleat cards, any certified autom and RC's in good condition. For Texeira I am only looking for autos.

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    do u still have that willingham/willis dual auto, i'd like to trade for it, i have an 04 cal ripken g/u bat 5/50

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    ctown-i have a palmeiro 87 donruss rc, 02 fleer amazing greats g/u jersey, and a 00 black diamond denis northcutt g/u jersey rc. lmk if you are interested. thanks.

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    I have a 2001 fleer trad turn back the clock game worn jersey of cak ripken jr bv 60. would trade for gu of players in my sig

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    bravesfan86- I posted that I am not interested in Ripken bat cards.

    BBonds25- I am interested in the Palmeiro RC. How much? PM me with an offer if you accept PayPal.

    dlackey- Do you have a scan? Also I don't have much to trade, and no game used, so if you would be willing to sell via PayPal, PM me with an offer.

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    I have this Ripken RC-
    Cal Ripken
    1982 Topps RC #21

    And these Palmeiro GU-
    Rafael Palmeiro
    2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials jersey/pants card# 27
    2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials jersey card# 6
    2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials Big jersey card# 20
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    bravesfan86- Willis/Willingham has already been sold.

    coolector- Very interested in the '82 Ripken, let me know via PM if you are willing to sell via PayPal. And I only want the Palmeiro Game Used if they are multi color, if any are, please let me know.

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    Oppps,I didnt see that you only wanted multi color, sorry their just one color-solid blue.

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    hey, i have a 2001 Murray/RIPKEN Spx Winning Materials DUAL Jersey... make an offer on it

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