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    Carmelo patch numbered to 25 for trade/sale

    Looking to sell/trade a 03-04 TOpps Jersey Edition Carmelo Black Parallel numbered 08/25!!!!! Heres a recent one that just sold on ebay

    I am looking for 115 dollars DLVD to US or a card valued at 250 BV for this card. Since ebay is usually 40 percent of BV on beckett that is how I cam up with 250. I am looking for Tmac,Yao, Wade, or Carmelo signatures for this card. Do not offer a bunch of mid end cards for this I am looking to do a 1 for 1 trade or at worse a 2 for 1 trade. SO list what cards you want to trade and I will see whos offer Im going to take. If you need a scan of the card go to my site at it is the melo with a black patch. It is in mint condition and is in a 1/2in screwdon so the card does not move. If you have any questions pm me or e mail me.

    LMk what you guys have for trade for this card!!!
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