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Thread: Beckett?

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    Did anyone get a package from Beckett today? I subscribe to Beckett Baseball Card Monthly and got a Hideo Nomo sample from Donruss Originals Graded Gem Mint 10 from Beckett Grading. Never bought it or anything. Did they give these to subscribers as gifts?


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    I have heard of others getting packages lately
    from beckett, but I honestly never paid any attention to
    what they received or

    Cool for you Tim!!

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    No, sorry :( But it's a really cool graded sample. Still have no clue why I got it! Let's hope others who subscribe get it.

    First thing like this that I've gotten. Not sure on the BV.

    Thanks everyone.


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    they book around the same as the regular version, is it bgs or bccg?

    that is still sweet timmy...

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    I subscribe also and didn't get anything.
    Actually, I took the 2 free BGS graded cards coupon (before they switched it to 3). Bummer.
    I got my 89 Troy Aikman graded to a 9.0 and a Jesus Cota graded at 8.5 for free. Not bad.
    A free graded sample might be for those that didn't take the offer on the coupon.

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    I didn't take the offer on the coupon and I didn't get anything. I have a subscription to the baseball magazine. I don't know maybe I should email them and ask what's going on.

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