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    Buying all Game used cards for $1.00

    if any1 has any game used cards or autos from any brand, except sage or press pass, ill buy them for a dollar each. ill take any sport except hockey. lmk

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    lol, i don't know anyone lookin to let go of any GU or Auto for a buck!

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    obviously u havent been in the buisness cuz low Gus are normally sold for 4 or 5 easily

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    If I were to sell you a GU for $1, and ship it for .60, then I would make .40. Not exactly a reason to rush out and do it.

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    ok i dont care. and plus i would pay the shipping and i wasnt talking for only 1 card i need alot like 50 cards. i already bought a lot of 50 from this site. chill guys. if u dont like the offer then dont say anything. i dont need u guys telling me what i did wrong or y u dont want to do it.

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