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    Please Help!!! I need all of these!!

    Looking for all 2004 Fleer Platinium Nameplates!! Please click the needs list in my signature.

    Check my site as well I need to do some trading.


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    fairbc- I realize this is off topic but I know you collect patch cards. I have these 3-

    03 Sweet Spot Classics Catfish Hunter (NY)
    03 Sweet Spot- Ichiro
    03 Sweet Sport- Zito
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Im sorry I dont have any but why wont you respond to me about that 2003 Adam Dunn Bazooka Jersey w/Pinstripe. You said you were intersted.

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    Jfried only one I could use is this: 03 Sweet Spot- Ichiro

    Pujols: Sorry I sent you a PM to let you know I am looking for patches not stripes.

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