Please read this announcement regarding BVs/book values:

It is against the law for people to own a Beckett Online Subscription and then start threads on SCF letting people know you will look up card values for them. Here are some general rules SCF members must follow:

  • Do not start threads stating you have a Beckett account and will look up cards for anyone
  • Do not scan pages in Beckett and post them as images on SCF
  • Do not post other copyrighted information that is sold on another site

We will be putting together a write-up in our rules section to reflect this. What you do off the boards is none of my business, but if copyrighted information that is for sale is posted for free on SCF I can get in trouble.

SCF will be offering our own Online Price Guide soon and hopefully there will be no need to post other sources in the future.

To clarify:
This Ad will be removed when you a member of

  • Threads requesting BVs are no longer allowed. These threads will be closed and moved without notice
  • Talking about book value and the source while negotiating deals is permitted.
  • Posting trade/sell lists with your estimated values without referencing the source. Stating "book value" is allowed, but not "Beckett Book Value" or "Tuff Stuff Book Value".

Thank you!