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    Exclamation WTTF: Any and ALL Pujols cards, LMK what you got

    I am looking for any and all Pujols cards that you have, base, inserts, GU, autos, you name it. Check out my site, I also have quite a few things that I haven't listed on my site that are worth mention. A SF Giants dual jersey/bat card of two legends (the names slip my mind) Jose Reyes AU and a few more that I haven't listed on my site yet. So check it out and LMK.

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    03-04 Dwayne Wade Fleer Tradition "Hats Off" GU Hat
    02-03 UD Super Swatches Kevin Garnett GU Jersey (jersey part takes up about 1/2 of the card) BV-$40

    i need these, ive got some 'Bron, MJ, and Pujols #ed stuff on my site
    lmk if youd need any of em

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    I have these:

    Pujols, Albert
    02 EX #202 Flair #55(3), 02 SP Authentic #53(2), 02 Topps #160, 02 UD Honor Roll #3, 02 UD Piece of History #55(2), 03 Fleer Patchworks #87(2), 03 Leaf #243, 03 Ultra #72, 04 Donruss Classics 1, 04 Topps Heritage Then & Now #TN2, 04 UD #160, 04 UD Vintage #1

    Looking for Bonds, Griffey, Jeter, McGwire, A-Rod, and Sosa cards.

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    I will trade all my Pujols.

    Do you have any Ripkens or Mannings? If so I am interested. lmk.


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    bdrr- sorry I didnt see anything that I needed from your site for those cards except the Bonds GU ;) maybe some othertime

    Idigbbcards10 - check my site and let me know what you want for all of those and maybe we can work something out.

    BigEd60 - I Dont think I have anything that you are looking for

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    Do you need any of these-

    Albert Pujols

    2001 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Franchise Building Blocks card# F18
    2001 Class of 2001 Dominators card# DM-4
    2002 Topps Ten Die Cut card# 71
    2002 Upper Deck Vintage Night Games card# NG4
    2002 Upper Deck Breakout Performers card# BP2
    2002 Donruss Studio Masterstrokes card# MS-15
    2002 Donruss Fan club card# 220
    2002 Fleer Golden Memories card# 3
    2002 Fleer Authentix Power Alley card# 15
    2003 Fleer Platinum Portraits card# 11
    2003 Upper Deck Standing O Die Cut card# 75
    2003 Bazooka Comics card# 1
    2004 Bazooka Stand-Ups card# 22
    2004 Bazooka Red Border Chunks card# 50B
    2004 Bazooka Comics card# BC16

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    I need all of those...check my site and see what you like, one thing not on my site that you may be interested in is a Jose Reyes 2003 Topps Signature Moves Auto, Topps Team Tribue Orlando Cepeda/Juan Marichal bat/Jsy card. and everythnig else on my site, check it out. (Also a Jhonny Peralta auto/jerseycard)

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    I have a 2001 Platinum TL Pujols, and maybe some others too, I'll look around

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