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    updated trade autos up for trade

    check my site and lmk, i am looking for marcus giles, josh willingham (MAINLY), and other autos or rc's i dont have

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    hi. im interested in your lance berkman auto. ive got some Marcus Giles #ed RCs on my site.
    lmk if there is anything there you need


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    bdrr, i'd like to trade for them but not for the berkman auto, neither of those cards are rc's his rc's are in 99, check and see if theres anything else i could trade for them

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    1997 best richie sexson auto
    2004 fleer platinum nameplate randy johnson 100/290
    2004 fleer authentix jer. ripped randy johnson

    i really need these, check my site

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    What are you looking for 95 tombstone george brett 8/2000 w/o coa.......had to send 5 upc's for the coa, didnt get the card till 1999. PLMK

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    jt- what kinda bv are you looking for on the bo jackson /10? i also like your dtrain chrome rc

    pujolsfan5- i like your jd drew rc, but the brett auto books either 30 or 40, u can look it up on, i didnt see another auto i would trade it for, lmk if u have anything not listed on your site

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    i'm lookin for about $50 on the jackson, and the willis is traded sorry


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    not really, its not in great shape either. i could do $40 on the jackson, what is the bv of the cards i need?


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