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    I don't collect football at all, can someone please help me with information regarding this 2003 Fleer Snapshot David Carr Diecut #'d 1/2. Thats right 1 of 2 in the whole WORLD. Can someone please tell me if this is a GOOD card? Or somthing I should hold on to? Anyone can send any offer for this... here is the link as I'm currently listing it up for the 3rd time on ebay.
    ebay item # 4128790303

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    Posse709, I dont have anything in the range of that card to trade but i have a suggestion....Put up a front pic of the card on ebay...It will make it sell for more IMO

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    Thanks for replying! :) well i wouldn't be looking for a high end card in return since i don't collect football. could you give me an opinion of the price range?? I've brought it in to several card shops & they offered me no more than $20 cash/trade value. There are collectors out there who need this card more than I do & those card shops seem like they want to profit on it. I'm just not sure what to do ....

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    There are alot of Carr fans that would want this. I think if I were you, I would try and trade for a #d /10 or below of one of your players from the sport you do collect. If that doesn't happen, I would wait until FB season starts to put it on ebay. It's so hard to put a value on something like this. I guess the $20 offers would depend on who the player/type of card was. From what I see, people are afraid to give "too much" for cards that don't have a BV, especially if the card isn't an autograph. I collect Travis Prentice (obviously nowhere near the fame of but I was able to pick up one of his #d/13 cards for less than $4.

    Good luck on your card!


    *********I just noticed (I need to pay more that you have it up for auction already. I hope it does well!
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    I couldnt price it but i know it's worth more than $20.00

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    Thanks for the information guys, it also seems like some people think its fake on ebay. You know, like one of those hand stamped 1/1's people do these days. The first time I thought it was fake until I read the description that the (die-cut) version is #'ed to the player last 2 digits of draft year and its listed in the Football Beckett w/ 2 listings. David Carr/2002 ---$6.00 & David Carr/2 w/ no price I have a picture of the scan of the front side but there was an error when I uploaded it on ebay so it didn't have it. :confuse:

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    On a card like this it is always hard to figure out what it is worth or even what it may be worth. The only thing I could suggest is to look at past Becketts and look for players/cards listed in the "Short Report" that could be comparable to the one you have. For example, in the Beckett I have they show a 2003 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs Gold C.Pennington/C.Martin /9 had gone for $45. Will be kind of hard to go by what I suggest but may give you a starting point. Either way, it would not matter if you got rid of it now or later cause I a sure that it will have value to it. If it were me that had the card I would list it on my site and if/when an offer appears I would do as Rima suggested. Try to trade it for a #d /10 or below of one of your players from the sport you do collect.

    Welp I hope I helped ya a little there and did not confuse you any more then what you are. hehe. Whatever you do decide to do with it, as long as you are happy then that is all that should matter. :)


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    haha thanks 4 the help people! If you guys are wondering how I got this card since I don't collect football (but basketball) I'll tell the little story. I've collected only BKB for many years & I got one of my close friends into collecting sports cards again he use to collect Football back in the day when (INSERT CARDS were the craze). Anyhow he saw my collection of gu/autos & it amazed him so he started off now has a small collection. Then one day we went to walmart (Artesia CA) and he bought 2003 Fleer snapshot & let me open a few/ he pulled a (photo/slide 35mm auto) card and I got the diecut. He simply was focusing on gu/auto & didn't even care about the #'d 1/2 card & gave it to me otherwise it was going in the trashcan! So I'd might as well keep it, if not then the next person who pulls the 2/2 will truly be the only masterpiece in existence while the other will be gone!

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    Yeah it is definetly hard to say.. with the new products comming out there will be amajor hype surrounding the mannings triple auto card.. I would also say the fact that the front of the card is not shown people would think its not a real 1/2 from a jersey auto or osmething like that.

    If worst comes to worst and it is reall.. Keep in touch with me and I might work something out with you


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