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    2000 derek jeter fleer greats of the Game AUTO

    have this for sale/trade

    beckett doesnt list.. very rare auto only by redemption
    looking for 1-2 nice star autos in return

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    id like a shot but dont have really high dollar auto, would you check my site?

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    braves.. thanks but didnt see anything i could use right now for the jeter

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    I have KG 01/02 SPX Winning Materials GU/Auto. Also have Faulk 2000 Finest Moments Refractor Auto.

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    Borch.. i need both.. plmk the values and if i can get a scan of both that would be great

    fair.. they avg around $150 on ebay (which is what one went for last night) and as high as $233.. would figure around $200-250 book value

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    whew, Nice Card.

    Wish I had the BV to get it off ya.


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