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Thread: question on what to buy

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    question on what to buy

    o.k. card gurus give me some good choices here, i have 150.oo to spend this week on cards looking to order from dacardworld,would you guys buy 3 boxes of 2003 donruss elite or 1 box of 2004 donruss timelines or give me some better choices in the 150 range thanks in advance take care spuds

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    dont buy timelines buy something like diamond kings or something like that. you can get 2 boxs of dk for $150
    or wait till ud reflections comes out it has 5 gu per box for about $90

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    i bought a box from DCW and it took 2 months to get it here, from buffalo to T.o shouldnt take that long!!! the manager also sent viruses to my comuter.

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