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    Tons of CC to spend, Looking for Pat Burrell cards

    Let me know what you have and we will see what we can come up with for a fair price



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    02 Fleer Premium #134
    02 Fleer Triple Crown #178
    02 Topps Chrome #545
    02 Topps Total #TTC22
    03 Bazooka Minis #5
    03 Upper Deck MVP #159 (2)

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    02 Fleer Premium
    02 Topps Chrome
    02 Topps Total

    would you take 45cc dlvd



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    sending cc now with address



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    I got plenty of Burrell cards but cant get them right now because im bout to leave for a baseball game, anyway I do have a 03 Flair Jersey card..............maybe 02 I dont know, LMK if your intersted it books for 8 or 1o cant remember. Just PM me if your interested.

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    i know this might not sound good to u cuz im looking for cards in return but i have a 2002 stadium club pat burell misprint

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    If it is the Stadium Club card with Scott Rolen pictured I have about 5 of um...Thanks for the offer though.....but if it is different than the one I mentioned LMK :)


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    Probably not...I dont think it is corrected


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