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    Need to make some $$$$ pay pal only. Nice rcs & vintage 20-35% of bv

    Need a few bucks in my pay pal account. The price next to the card is my asking price. All cards are mint unless otherwise noted
    94 Sportsflix A Rod rc $8
    85 Donruss Kirby Puckett rc $5
    83 Fleer Tony Gwynn rc $5
    89 UD Randy Johnson rc $4
    86 Topps Steve Young rc $6
    98 UD Ovation Dirk Nowitzki rc BCCG 9 $6
    98 UD Black Diamond Double Diamond Dirk rc $4
    98 UD Dirk rc $3
    98 Ultra Dirk rc $3
    98 Skybox Dirk rc $3
    92-93 Skybox Shaq rc $3
    97-98 Finest T Mac rc SCG 96 mint $12
    96-97 EX Iverson rc $6
    95-96 SP Kevin Garnett rc $4
    All priced are for these cards dlvd.

  2. Kronozio
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    I am interested in the Steve young. :)


    P.S. Had to edit to put my smilies up. hehe. :D

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    I'm interested in these cards:
    94 Sportsflix A Rod rc $8
    83 Fleer Tony Gwynn rc $5

    I thought you said 20-35% of book value though?

    Would you sell these with delivery for $8?
    I would pay for them through paypal as soon as I find out from you.

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    I'm gonna have to pass since both those cards sell on ebay for less.
    Thanks anyway.

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    hmmmm. Thats kinda odd since the A Rod alone just sold for $9 plus $2.50 shipping. No prob though. Thanks for looking.

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    Here's the arod graded 8.5 for $5.75 on ebay item #4126810383.
    This is why I offered you that amount. I see nowhere that this card ever went for $9.
    Let me know

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    Dude, I am not trying to argue, just telling you what I have seen. If you think my prices are too high, thats your opinion. I do not want this thread to turn ugly, so I will stop here. BTW, the A Rod I have would more than likely grade out higher than an 8.5.

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