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    Autos/Jerseys added to my Tradelist!!!(Long read)

    My Cards:
    Lee’s Cards


    Billy McMullen 03 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autos Gold 48/50 (Eagles)

    Marquise Walker 03 Standing O Signatures (Bengals)

    Sam Aiken 03 Bowman Signs of the Future (Bills)

    Tom McDonald 02 Team Topps Legends (Eagles)

    Bob Baumhower 86 Topps (Obtained in person) (Dolphins)

    Matt Schaub 04 Sage Hit Q and A auto Blue ink 32/100

    Devar Darling 04 Sage Hit

    Mewelde Moore 04 Press Pass

    Cedrick Cobbs 04 Press Pass

    Zack Crockett 99 SP Sig Edition

    Niner Autos (Hard to get but will consider):

    Ken Dorsey 03 Press Pass Bronze

    Brandon Lloyd 03 Press Pass Silver 13/200

    Brandon Lloyd 03 Press Pass Bronze

    Cade McNown 02 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures

    Ken Simonton 02 Bowman’s Best Red 145/199

    Mike Rumph 02 Bowman’s Best

    Vinny Sutherland 01 Pacific Crowne Royal 419/500

    Vinny Sutherland 01 EX 0246/1500

    Harris Barton 94 Pro Line Live 461/2120

    Kevan Barlow 01 Topps Stadium Club Lonestar Signatures

    Kevan Barlow 03 SPX Supreme Signatures

    Tai Streets 99 C.E. Advantage

    Arnaz Battle 03 Bowman Chrome

    Arnaz Battle 03 NFL Signature Edition Red 77/100

    Arnaz Battle 03 Sage Hit

    Cedrick Wilson 01 Score Select Rookie Preview

    Tim Rattay 99 Press Pass

    Roger Craig 02 Donruss Classics

    Kwame Harris 03 Press Pass

    Game Used

    Priest Holmes 03 Skybox LE 078/175 2 color swatch yellow and gold with stitching books 20 want 25 in trade

    Keyshawn Johnson/Mike Alstott 03 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs Dual Jersey 164/199

    Portis/Henry/Green 03 Mystique Rare Finds Green Jersey Only 048/299

    Brian Urlacher 03 Fleer Focus Emerald Die Cut 84/150 (Bears) White Swatch

    Kliff Kingsbury 03 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Ball/Jersey 589/750 (Patriots) Blue Swatch

    Julius Peppers 03 Fleer Platinum Alma Materials (Panthers) Blue Swatch From North Carolina

    Bryant Johnson 03 Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations Crown Cut (Cardinals) Red Swatch

    Drew Bledsoe 03 Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Premium (Bills) White Swatch

    Chris Wienke 01 Pacific Private Stock (Panthers) Red Florida State Swatch

    Chad Pennington 03 Topps Pristine Igniters (Jets) White Swatch x2

    Chad Pennington 03 Topps Pristine Gems (Jets) Green Swatch

    Matt Hasselbeck 01 Titanium Post Season Seahawks (he’s in a Seahawks Picture on the Front but on the Back it says it’s a Packers swatch) white swatch

    Teyo Johnson 03 Bowmans Best Rookie Jersey Blue (Raiders) Black Swatch 366/499

    Teyo Johnson 03 Leaf Rookie and Stars Freshmen Orientation (Raiders) Black Swatch 363/600

    Bo Jackson 01 Fleer Legacy 1st Quarter (Raiders) Black Swatch

    03 Topps Pristine Perfomances Jerseys:

    Duce Staley (Eagles) White Swatch

    Zach Thomas (Dolphins) White Swatch With Gold Flakes

    03 Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere Materials

    Marcus Trufant Navy Blue Swatch (Seahawks)

    Seneca Wallace Navy Blue Swatch (Seahawks)

    Kliff Kingsbury Blue Swatch (Pats)

    03 Gridiron Cut Collection Jerseys:

    Anthony Thomas 120/375

    Tiki Barber 203/475

    Trent Green 436/475


    Jason Kidd 03-04 EX Net Assets (Nets) Blue Swatch

    Jason Kidd 03-04 Authentix Courtside Classics (Nets) White Swatch

    Allan Iverson 03-04 Authentix Courtside Classics (Sixers) Blue Swatch

    Tim Duncan 03-04 Flair World Leaders (Spurs) White Swatch


    Miguel Tejada 03 Flair Sweet Swatch (A’s) Gray Swatch

    Claudio Vargas 02 Leaf Rc and Stars Autos

    Niners Game Used (hard to get but will consider)

    Kevan Barlow 01 Bowman’s Best Rookie Jersey 340/999 Red Swatch

    Kevan Barlow 01 Topps Debut Rookie jersey 770/999 White Senior Bowl Swatch

    Kevan Barlow 01 Playoff Honors Rookie Premiere Gems Jersey 323/725 Red Swatch

    Kevan Barlow 01 Leaf Rookie and Stars Freshmen Orientation “Class Officers” 35/50 3 color swatch white/black/gold off number

    Jeff Garcia 03 Playoff Honors Patches 62/75 2 color swatch red/black

    Jeff Garcia 03 Fleer Avant NFL Work of Heart 262/300

    J.J. Stokes 01 Prism Atomic jersey red swatch

    J.J. Stoke Fleer Feel The Game Jersey red swatch

    Tai Streets 01 Pacific Invincible Red Jersey 015/750 red swatch

    Ken Norton Jr. 01 UD past patterns Jersey red swatch

    Steve Young 01 Fleer Premium Greatest Plays Jersey white swatch

    Steve Young 98 Playoff Momentum Team Threads Dual Sided Jersey White Swatch

    Andre Carter 01 Playoff Honors Rookie Premiere Gems Jersey 708/725 Red Swatch

    Andre Carter 01 SPX Winning Materials Ball/Jersey 743/750 Red Swatch

    Ken Dorsey 03 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects

    Marvin Harrisons Game Used (hard to get but will consider):

    02 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue 26/50 Blue Swatch

    03 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Leather and Laces Ball 212/250

    01 Fleer Showcase Stitches White Swatch

    Numbered Rookies and Inserts

    Fleer Mystique Rookies:

    Brian St Pierre 667/699

    Jonathan SUllivan 652/699
    Brandon Lloyd 159/699 NFT
    Rookie Blues:
    Tony Curtis 96/350
    Jimmy Kennedy 63/350

    Nick Rogers 02 Bowman Gold Rookie 46/50

    Adam Archuleta 01 Pacific Impressions Rookie Premiere Date 09/50

    Bill Schroeder 01 Pacific Impressions Premiere Date 14/50

    DeWayne White 03 Leaf Rookie and Stars Rookie Longevity 10/50

    Bo Jackson 03 Gridiron Kings Gold 38/75

    Jeff Blake 00 Pacific Prism 05/75

    Ed McCaffrey 00 Donruss Career Stat-line 33/78

    Michael Haynes 03 Skybox LE Rarified Rookies 36/99

    Shaun McDonald 03 Skybox LE Rarified Rookies 46/99

    EJ Henderson 03 Skybox LE Rarified Rookies 10/99

    Jay Fiedler 03 Playoff Prestige Xtra Points 004/100

    Artose Pinner 03 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor 020/100

    Musa Smith 03 Topps Chorme Rookie Refractor 035/100

    Jeremy Shockey 02 Leaf Rookie and Stars Longevity 76/100

    Cris Carter 02 Score Final Score 73/100

    Quentin Jammer 03 Fleer Platinum Glossy 075/100

    Dewayne Robertson 03 Fleer Platinum Glossy Rookie 056/100

    Nate Burleson 03 Topps Chrome Uncirculated Refractor 056/101

    Amani Toomer 03 Topps Chrome Uncirculated Refractor 033/101

    Priest Holmes 03 Fleer Mini Banner Season 045/125

    Kelley Washington/Kevin Curtis/Nate Burleson Fleer Mini Tri Rookie 077/125

    William Green 03 Absolute Memorbilia Spectrum 098/150

    Ladell Betts 03 Hogg Heaven Hogg Wild 019/150

    Mike McMahon 03 Topps Black 070/150

    Donnie Edwards 03 Topps Black 066/150

    Dallas Clark 03 Donruss Gridiron Kings Silver 028/150

    Ricky Williams 03 Leaf SE Gold 103/150

    Todd Heap 03 Mystique Gold 037/150

    Tiki Barber 03 Playoff Honors X’s 020/250

    Thomas Jones 01 Ultra Gold 191/250

    Edgerrin James 01 Ultra Ground Command Gold 113/250

    Jeremy Stevens 02 Bowman Rookie Silver 98/250

    Ryan Denney 02 Bowman Rookie Silver 67/250

    Travis Henry 02 Bowman Silver 201/250

    Steve McNair 02 Bowman Silver 162/250

    Junior Seau 03 Authentix Balcony 127/250

    Joe Horn 02 Bowman Silver 67/250

    Jeff Garcia/Terrell Owens 03 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs 013/250

    Edgerrin James 01 Score Select All-Pro 105/325

    Corey Bradford 03 Topps Gold 177/499

    Brian Westbrook 03 Topps Gold 133/499

    Steve McNair 03 Topps Gold 261/499

    David Carr 03 Topps Gold 484/499

    Jon Kitna 03 Score Scorecard 210/500

    Albert Haynesworth 02 Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor 393/500

    Tim Biakabutuka 99 CE First Place Holosilver 291/500

    Kawika Mitchell 03 Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor 177/500

    Anthony Thomas/Micheal Bennett Hogg Heaven Rival Hoggs 449/500

    Bobby Wade 03 Fleer Platinum Rookie 029/500

    Rex Grossman 03 Fleer Mystique Secret Weapons 100/500

    Peyton Manning 03 Mystique Shing Stars 274/500

    Travis Henry 03 Topps Chrome Refractor 499/599

    Brian Urlacher 03 Topps Chrome Refractor 395/599

    Priest Holmes 02 Gridiron Kings Mini 542/600

    Jim Brown/William Green Team Timelines 038/600

    Stacey Mack 01 Invincible Red 641/750

    Kurt Warner 01 Topps Chrome Refractor 359/999

    Edgerrin James 01 Quantum Leaf Century Season 464/1000

    Mareno Philyaw 00 Pacific Prism 108/1000

    Thomas Jones 00 Pacific Prism 260/1000

    James Stewert 00 Donruss Zoning Commission 0084/1000

    Torry Holt 00 Donruss Zoning Commission 0759/1000

    Antowain Smith 00 Black Diamond Gold 0664/1000

    James Williams 00 Donruss Rookie 1281/1325

    Aaron Shea 00 Donruss Rookie 0163/1325

    Doug Chapman 00 Donruss Rookie 1228/1325

    Tee Martin 00 Donruss Rookie 0567/1325

    Deuce Mcallister/Aaron Brooks 03 Leaf Rookie and Stars Ticketmasters 0276/1325

    Reggie White 03 Donruss Classics Membership 0528/1500

    Vick/Jason Thomas 03 UD Rookie Pros and Prospects 1462/1800

    Burress/Charles Rogers 03 UD Rookie Pros and Prospects 1352/1800

    Shockey/Gonzalez 03 UD Pros and Prospects Power of Potential 0416/1700

    Tay Cody 01 Pacific Crown Royale Rookie 0901/1750

    Aaron Brooks 02 Leaf Rookie and Stars Great American Heroes 1468/2000

    Rudi Johnson 02 Leaf Rookie and Stars Great American Heroes 0207/2000

    Isaac Bruce 96 Donruss Press Proof 1 of 2000

    Brian Westbrook 02 UD Piece of History Rookie 0034/2002

    Ladell Betts 03 UD Piece of History Rookie 0559/2002

    Chris Weinke 01 Ultra Rookie 0077/2499

    Marshall Faulk 02 Leaf Rookie and Stars Standing Ovation 1515/2500

    Gari Scott 00 Donruss Rated Rookie 1485/2500

    Lawrence Taylor 00 Donruss Gridiron Kings All-Time 1841/2500

    Sammy Baugh 00 Donruss Gridiron Kings All-Time 1881/2500

    Kurt Warner 00 Donruss Gridiron Kings 1982/2500

    Travis Taylor 00 Donruss Gridiron Kings Rookie 2415/2500

    Bubba Franks 00 Donruss Rated Rookie 1604/2500

    Keyshawn Johnson 00 Donruss Elite Series 0520/2500

    Tim Couch 00 Donruss Elite Series 0077/2500

    Tim Couch 02 Score Numbers Game 2887/3040

    Brian Urlacher 00 CE Masters Master Majestic 1536/5000

    James Stewert 95 Signature Rookies International Draft 1 of 13,500

    Terrell Owens: All are for trade:

    03 Playoff Hogg Heaven Hogg Wild 040/150

    00 Donruss Dominators 2071/5000

    00 Playoff Prestige Spectrum 90/100

    00 Donruss Dominators

    Curtis Martin 4725/5000

    Cris Carter 3628/5000

    Robert Smith 4061/5000

    Warrick Dunn 3679/5000

    Jon Kitna 3931/5000

    Ed McCaffrey 4856/5000

    Jevon Kearse 4887/5000

    Mushin Muhammad 3983/5000

    03 Topps Pristines

    Brian St. Pierre Uncirculated Gold Refractor Rare 71/99

    Daunte Culpepper Uncirculated Gold Refractor 082/150

    Taylor Jacobs Uncirculated Refractor Rare 446/499

    Marcus Trufant Uncirculated Rare Refractor 196/499

    Tyrone Calico 1321/1499

    Kevin Curtis Uncirculated Refractor 0178/1449

    Bryant Johnson Uncirculated Refractor 0291/1449

    Dallas Clark Uncirculated Refractor 0059/1449 and 1310/1449

    Ken Dorsey Uncirculated Refractor 0135/1449

    Kliff Kingsbury Uncirculated Refractor 1090/1449

    Musa Smith Uncirculated Refractor 1196/1449

    Basketball Numbered Rookies and Inserts

    Pat Garrity 98-99 TSC Draft Pick First Day Issue 198/200

    Kwame Brown 03 Authentix Balcony 042/250

    Matt Harpring 03 Authentix Balcony 169/250

    Troy Bell 03 Authentix Rookie 1217/1250

    Dahntay Jones 03 Authentix Rookie 1040/1250

    Ray Allen 98-99 Upperdeck Aerodynamics Bronze 0757/2000

    Chis Webber 93 Classic Four Sport Clear 1 of 66,000

    Chris Webber Classic Four Sport Silver DS41 1 of 80,000

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    Re: Autos/Jerseys added to my Tradelist!!!(Long read)

    Originally posted by hudahudia
    Sam Aiken 03 Bowman Signs of the Future (Titans)
    Just a friendly heads up...Sam Aiken plays for the Bills

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    i like this:
    Brian Westbrook 02 UD Piece of History Rookie 0034/2002

    let me know what you need

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    hagansp what would it take to get this from you?
    *P.Manning/R.Leaf/C.Enis/R.Moss 1998 Playoff Momentum SSD Jumbo Quad --- $30.00

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    i could use that bo jackson gu'd(it'll go good with my t.brown/b.jackson auto. mini helment!) check my trade page lmk if interested in anything....joe

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    I like this card. What's bv? I have alot of Raiders for trade. lmk.

    Peyton Manning 03 Mystique Shing Stars 274/500



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    kckiller couldn't find anything I can use, I'm looking to get other raiders in return for that one, and I have all the ones you have listed lmk if you get anything new. thanks
    Biged that card is pending out right now will get back to you if it doesn't go through. thanks, lee

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    um... i have 148 gu'd raider cards and 47 raider auto's...lmk who your favorite raider's are and i'll see what i got....whats bv on the jackson?....joe

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