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    PACK BREAK (10) 03-04 F. Authentix/(4) F. Focus

    Got a chance to open these earlier... got them from toysRus
    The Fleer Authentix was in blister/ 2 for $4
    The Fleer Focus same 2 for $4

    Fleer Focus 4 packs
    regular base cards
    no inserts
    no gu
    (1) Numbered parallel [B] Fleer Focus Century #'d 21/100 Vince Carter

    Fleer Authentix 10 packs
    regular base cards
    (2) inserts "Ticket Studs Kenyon Martin" & "Courtside Classics Tony Parker"
    (1) gu Fleer Authentix Jersey/Autograph Regular Season Dwayne Wade 077/100!!!

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    Very nice job on the Wade. That was one heck of a pull! Congrats

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    great pulls especially for being retail. I have pulled some good cards at ToysRus also did you happen to pull any Gary Payton base

    Please let me know I Need alot of his base cards still

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    Are you going to trade the Wade. If so I would like a shot at just let me know what you would be looking for in return?

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    wsup guys,
    sorry ive been busy all day and I didn't happen to get any
    glove cards.
    The wade is for trade, im looking for game graphs of dwayne because they both book the same. Or 3 common game graphs would do. btw, anyone of you guys from Orange County?

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    wonderfull puls bought a box of hobby authentix and didn't get anything like that

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    WOW wut a pull. Good for you man. I've had great luck with authentix to.

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