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    Dontrelle Willis Auto For trade or sale...

    I have a 2003 Bowman Heritage Signs of the future Dontrelle Wills Auto BV: $25 that I am looking to move.

    Looking to trade for an auto of equal value or I will sell through Paypal.

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    The only thing I saw that I needed was your Oswalt AUto but it is traded.

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    lol. that sucks! o well... i guess that's what happens. what player are u looking for or do you just want a 25 dollar auto? lmk

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    There is a variety of Players I would consider...too long to list..and yes, it needs to be 1 $25 Auto or you could give me the Mauer for it ;)


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    lol.. nice try...i will keep my eye out for a nice 25 dollar auto. thanks!

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    would you trade it for this:

    Ryan Ludwick 2002 Bowman AUTOGRAPH JERSEY ROOKIE RC $25


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    How about a Skybox LE Vernon Wells Auto #'d to 199

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