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    paying cc for 04 press pass base cards

    i'm thinkin of doing this set so i need ALL cards from 04 press pass. please let me know which ones u have and leave how much cc dlvd u need for them. remember i need ALL and ANYTHING from the base set

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    I have a few. Let me know how much you willing to give for um all and if it meets my asking price i'll go find them all.

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    i need the following players from 04 press pass
    no auto or gu

    ben troupe
    casey clausen
    shawn andrews
    eli manning
    cedric cobbs
    larry fitzgerald

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    JonoBono- i think it would be easier for u to name a price so i know how much ur thinking and then we can go from there

    cubsfan203- if u want press pass please start ur own post, thanks

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    Jeremy have a bunch of press pass base cards.LMK whhat you need.Also have a sheffield bat #'d 100

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    gameused_collectr- i need all press pass cards. i also need the sheffield but i only have 80 cc. let me know what u will sell for my 80 cc.

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    I am also willing to trade CC for any Eli Manning Press Pass or Sage cards

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