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    CC Auction - Lot of only Autographs, Game Used, RC's


  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    I don't think you are allowed to run auctions on here anymore, I believe all auctions are supposed to be on, even cc ones.

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    Conn55 - Since there's no interest in these, I'll sell individually.

    Bonds_25 - I wasn't sure where I should place this, since I'm not a fan of

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    I'd give you 2000cc for the following:
    Autographs (All are certified, and "pack pulled"):

    03 Donruss Team Heroes Wilson Alvarez Auto ($10)
    02 Studio Wilson Valdez Auto/200 ($10)
    03 Finest Brian Burgamy Auto ($15)
    03 Donruss Team Heroes Chris Baker Auto ($10)
    02 Donruss Best of Fan Club Jeff Deardorff Auto ($15)
    99 Just Black Bobby Hill Black AU/50 ($12)

    Game Used:

    03 Finest Uniform Relics Mark Mulder ($10)
    01 SP Milestone Roberto Alomar Bat ($10)
    98 EX Kerry Wood SP RC ($5)
    01 Donruss Class of '01 Aubrey Huff RC/1875 ($6)
    02 Donruss Diamond Kings Bronze Framed Miguel Asencio ($12)
    02 Donruss Rookie Phenoms John Buck/1000 ($5)
    02 Donruss Classics Cliff Lee/1500 ($5)

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    Tigersfan, I appreciate the offer, but I feel I could get more for those cards. Game Used/Autos sell typically from 200-600 CC. In fact, I'm going to cancel this auction because of the lack of interest and the whole hobby buddy ordeal. I apologize for wasting everyone's time.

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    What would you need for just maybe all the Rookies?

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