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    low end football autos for cc

    selling these football autos for 200cc apiece and 50cc for shipping

    99 press pass mike cloud
    98 autographics glynn milburn
    96 shybox impact lawrence phillips x3

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    I could use these but I dont have enough cc would you considder trading them?

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    96 pinnacle laserview scott mitchell 3559/4900
    97 pinnacle laserview elvis grbac 1790/1985

    Ill take these if there still for sale

    400 cc right


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    Sorry i meant to post which ones I needed
    96 shybox impact lawrence phillips x3
    I can use all 3 lmk who you need

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    yes they are donate 450cc and pm me your address and i will send them out

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    looked at your site couldnt look at your baseball list wouldnt come up lmk what you have in baseball

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    CARDINALFAN13, It says your PM box is full....You need to clear it out so i can send you my addy :)

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