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    Talking Looking for ANY numbered cards under /500 list what u want to get rid of..

    Of course i like the low low ones too...

    i should have clarified the title.."any branded"

    I'm looking to buy or trade for ones i see i want.

    It can be rookies or stars....

    also any rookies /1000 and under...

    any veterens /500 and under..

    i will look at trade sites.

    example sets..pacific impressions 2001, vanguard, spx spectrum, bowmans best red, etc....

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    check out my site you will find several one there my want list is in my signature thanx.
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    i only saw one card i wanted but it wasn't enough for me to make a transaction...

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    kevin faulk 2003 topps gold /499 will sell for $1.50 shipped.

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    I have these:

    00 c.e. odyssey trung candidate rc 628/999
    00 leaf certified dennis northcutt rc 277/1000
    00 private stock retail courtney brown rc 154/650
    00 private stock silver dennis northcutt rc 252/330
    00 private stock gold sylvester morris 65/181
    01 private stock premiere date ken yon rambo 52/95
    03 fleer mysique gold aaron brooks 149/150
    99 leaf certified mirror gold eddie kennison 44/45

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    I've got these for starters-

    99 CE Odyssey 4th Quarter Troy Edwards Two Minute Warning /100
    99 CE Odyssey 2nd Quarter Cecil Collins OVERTIME /60

    Let me know if you want either of these, Thanks

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    shprintza, not interested in any of those players except aaron brooks and i'm not doing a transaction for just that.

    Wttr, not interested in those players...

    I'm interested in mostly established veterans, rookies 00-03 numbered retired players

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    ive got these numbered cards
    pristine 03 04 uncirculated refractors
    michael finley 150 bv 12
    vince carter 150 bv 30
    prstine rookie #ered
    tj ford 999 bv 5
    boris diaw 999 bv 3
    bowman chrome refractor caron butler bv 4
    bowman sig edition
    allan houston 149 bv 5
    steve nash 249 bv 3
    lmk thanks(total bv 52)

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