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    Trading in your favor for your unwanted base cards!!!

    Ive always offered to trade 2 to1 or 3 to 1 in your favor for Shaun Alexander cards but nobody ever replies, and the couple times someone has replied we just cant seem to work out a deal. I have only made 2 trades in the last 2 months! Im looking for any and everyone on my list I have 100,000 Football cards cluttering my Living Room and they need to go! Ill trade up to 4 times in your favor for players on my list. Ill even trade gu/auto/rookie for your base cards. It amazes me that nobody collects Alexander yet nobody wants to trade him either.

    Throw me a PM and lets get some trades going!!!!

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    I have these! Looking for Cowboys in return & players in my wantlist in return.

    Shaun Alexander
    2000 Pacific
    2001 Bowman Chrome 28
    2001 Fleer Authority 48
    2002 Topps 183
    2003 Fleer Tradition 65
    2003 Topps Chrome 69

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