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Thread: my solitare contest challenge

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    my solitare contest challenge

    **Talked and jumped around the idea of approved by BGray... If this wasnt approved Bryan, I do apologize... just lock down the thread if thats the case**

    I am going to run a solitare contest, here are what rules I can come up with.

    #1)The version of solitare you MUST use is the one located on your pc right in the games file on your computer with hearts, pinball, minesweeper and all that. If you do not have that one I do apologize, but I want to keep this fair for everyone.

    #2)To display your score.... After you have got a game you liked...Click the print screen button((located just to the right of F12)) Open up your paint program and paste it in there. Make sure that the score is able to be seen so when you upload the picutre onto here for all to see that its not to much trouble.

    #3)If your score cant be seen.. I will have to d/q it right away. I am not going to take to much time on it when there could be somebody else that is lower then another persons.

    #4)All rules subject to change as I see fit to keep it fair for everyone.

    Ok now heres a bit of detail about the contest it self

    #1) This contest reflects your TIME only in this game. I want to see how fast a person can complete the computers given version of solitare, I dont care about your score or anything like that. That is why I wanted the one located with the other games all ready on the hard drive because some of the versions have an automatic finish which is why we take the print screen as well.

    #2) This contest will go until Midnight thursday time. If I come on and there are posts dated Friday of any kind, I will not be able to accept that.

    #3) The PRIZE will be 25 CC ((Unless I go broke)) for each second that the LOWEST person gets. If 5 people are faster then the time I can provide its who ever is the fastest will get the CC

    #4) I have the right to defened my CC and try and get a faster time as well.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Being that we got until Midnight, Thursday. It shouldnt be a problem for a reply and no chance to play.. I will submit the time to beat in just a second, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your image uploads the same way to make it easier for the rest of us. I will come to this thread as much as possible to update who has the fastest score to keep people from looking at all imagaes((being on a 56k to get them all isnt fun, I know))

    good luck all

  2. Kronozio
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    Good luck again to all, I feel pretty confident that this would be a strong contest


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    You do realize that people in Hawaii's midnight deadline is 6 hours later than the East Coast's deadline, right? Is that what you intended?

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    I'm an idiot but did you get that to display through cut/paste or is it something more complex?

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    insane..... I dont know how you can cheat on something like this due to the fact that you have to take a screen shot of the game. That is all I did. If you altered that in paint it would be pretty easy to tell.

    Singledaddy... I guess its all in how you look at it. If you posted settings that stated CST time or est time((which i believe est is where its automatically set)) then it wont matter. If that is an issue I can let it go, but to be honest... I dont think it will be. Only lost_soul was from Hawii and I havnt seen anyone since.

    Keith. If you look towards the right of the F12 key on the top of your keyboard you will see a button that says print screen. When you have the end result of the game up you need to hit that button and it will capture all thats on your screen.

    Then you will need to load up your paint program and just hit paste to that and it will save that image you caputred from before onto the paint screen... Save it and load it up here


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    Wow Kariya.. Thats a super score man.. as of right now you are high and stand to win 75CC.


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    if you would want to do 3 card go right ahead.. it doesnt matter at all


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