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    Looking for the following players.....

    Brett Myers, Chase Utley, Barry Zito, Mark Teixeira, Ryan Madson and Eric Valent. Lmk what you have!
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    myers- are you interested in an 03 Sweet Spots Patch Zito?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    ive got a 03 Leaf Zito #ed/60 that books $20...

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    To both: I am interested, what or who are you looking for in return? Plmk.

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    autos, game used, #ed McGwire, Prior, Bonds...

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    How much cash would I have to add the the Bowman Utley JSY ($20) for the Zito Auto?

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    AC, i'm gonna hold on the the Zito auto since he's my main man for collecting.

    bdrr, I have a 02 Leaf Prior RC BV 15....lmk if interested.

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    I could let one of the Hamels autos go, but i would prefer to trade auto for auto.

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