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Thread: Florida Trades #1 Pick

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    Florida Trades #1 Pick

    Pens expected to select goaltender Fleury

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- news services

    The Panthers traded their No. 1 overall pick in the NHL entry draft to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday.

    In return, the Panthers move down to Pittsburgh's original No. 3 position and acquired Mikael Samuelsson.

    It is the Penguins first No. 1 pick since 1984, when they selected Mario Lemieux. According to The Sports Network of Canada, Pittsburgh is expected to select goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

    The Panthers, who won the NHL's annual draft lottery last month, were rumored to be shopping their No. 1 selection.

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    It's been expected to happen in Pittsburgh for a couple weeks now. This kid better turn out because all the other goalies they've drafted haven't done squat.

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    I am not much of a hockey fan -- so is this a good deal?

    This must be a weak draft, where the player FL wants will still be available at #3.

    Imagine the Cleveland Cavs trading away the #1 overall pick


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    no it's actually the deepest draft in 10-15 years (probably since 1990 when there was jagr, brodeur, etc etc) There was supposed to be elite players left over at the No 20 pick.

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    I'm excited to see Carolina end up with Eric Staal. Should work out real well under Ronnie Franchise's wings...
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    first off GREAT deal by the penguins. i hated mikael samuelsson. florida can have him. the pens have started their rebuilding effort pretty nicely.

    thats cool you know number 41....does he live near you or something?

    i played against zach parise last year and i was shocked and amazed that the devils were able to get him so late. every team who passed parise up will be regretting that. i also went to a camp with danny fritsche (native of cleveland) and i am suprised he went into the second round. i really wish the pens wouldve scooped up fritsche when they had a chance instead of getting ryan stone.

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    I was hoping to see some more wheeling and dealing. The biggest move was Markov to Carolina LOL

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    i actually went to middle school with him. went to my HS and then went to a bigger school to get more attention and get further in hockey .. he's friggin good

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