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Thread: pujols gu for trade

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    pujols gu for trade

    i'm looking to trade all 3 of my gu cards of pujols, i'm looking for a decent auto or some nice vick gu cards, lmk what ya got i'll look at any offer!!!!!

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    o man i need those bad! which ones are they? also, please check my site. i will trade my arod gu and ichiro rc's if u are interested in those. lmk. thanks!

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    these are the 3 cards, really only looking for vick gu, high end rc or a nice auto of a player in my sig for them:

    '02 Stadium Club All-Stars Albert Pujols GU Bat
    '03 Finite Elements GU Jersey Albert Pujols
    '04 Playoff Prestige League Leaders GU Bat Albert Pujols

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    coqxxx - nice site! wow its gonna take me awhile to go trhough all these cards, i really liked the prior auto but i'm sure that books really high, i'll look through them and get back to ya in the morning!

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    I need those Pujols, take a look at my site and let me know what you like

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