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Thread: any one wanna trade?????/

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    any one wanna trade?????/

    i really want to trade with some one lmk if you have any KG gu or autos thanks lmk who you like!!!

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    lukas what has happenened i have emailed you but no reply i see you left beckett because of a problem were are my cards I said i needed it for another trade i understand you forgot but i cant wait more than 23 days especially if we live in the same state i called the po in your area and they informed me that it would only take 4 days at the most since we live so close together you said you sent 23 days ago and then you said you sent 8 days ago did you really send?

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    hey last time i said when we talk was last saturday and i sent out then so just be patient i sent them out i promise!!!!!!!

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    devan depot inside the padded envelope i sent you yuo will find a ton more kobe inserts and shaq insterts than our original deal was!

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    because our trade was for those 2 shaq and kobe inserts!

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