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    Whoo Doggy.. My GU & AUTOS for your Junk Reprints

    THE FIRST TIME WAS SUCH A GREAT SUCCESS I HAVE COME BACK WITH MORE AND BETTER STUFF TO OFFER YOU!! Thanks to all the first go around and hopfully you have gotten more for me !!

    I am looking for $15+ trades on reprint cards (i dont care if you have 5 jabbar topps at $3 each or 1 mantle monumental moments at $15) Here is the list I am looking for and the list following is what i can offer ($ value is NOT book value but what i need in reprints for it.. although some maybe UNDER book :)
    1995 Babe Ruth Upper Deck Heroes
    1996 Mantle Topps Ceramic reprints (made by R&N China) 1000 sets made
    1996 Mantle Topps, finest reprint, refractors and CASE cards
    1996 Joe Namath Topps, Chrome, Refractors reprints
    1997 Mantle Topps, finest reprint and refractors
    1997 Mays Topps (FILLED ON REGULARS) , finest reprint and refractors
    1998 Mantle Fleer Monumental Moments and GOLDS
    1998 Clemente Topps, Finest reprint and refractors
    1999 Nolan Ryan Topps, Finest reprint and refractors
    1999 Musial Fleer Monumental Moments and AUTOS
    2000 Hank Aaron Topps, Chrome reprints and refractors
    2000 Unitas Topps, Chrome and Refractors reprints
    2001 Walter Payton Topps, Chrome reprint refractors
    2002 Bradshaw (Filled on Chromes) Topps, Chrome reprint refractors and BLACK refractors #/25
    2001-02 Magic Johnson and Jabbar Chrome reprints and refractors
    also need the Roy and Lemieux COMMEMORATIVE topps, chrome reprints and refractors


    01 Drew Breese Pacific Impressions Rookie #121/280 $20
    02 Peyton Manning/Kittner Pros & Prospects power & potential #1603/1700 $10
    03 Nick Barnett Donruss Classics Rookie #446/900 $15
    03 Calvin Pace Gridiron Kings Rookie SILVER #72/150 $8
    03 Donte Stallworth Gridiron Kings BLACK #15/75 $15
    03 John Elway Gridiron Kings BLACK #59/75 $100 (need refractors only for this)
    03 Bo Jackson Gridiron Kings BRONZE $8
    03 Donovan McNabb Leaf Limited SILVER Spotlight #04/75 $30


    01 Adam Archuleta/Dan Morgan Titanium DUAL rookie Jersey $15
    03 Keyshawn Johnson SP Game Used Jersey $15
    03 Garrison Hearst SP Game Used Jersey $15
    03 Peerless Price SP Game Used Jersey $15


    02 Tim Carter Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket #473/600 $30

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    I have a 2001 topps walter payton commemorative series....interested?

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    justin.. very interested.. but looking for $15+ trades.. the payton you have books $4.. do you have more of those to add?

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    I have 3 Payton Reprints and 5 Bradshaws Ill trade you, I dont really see much I can use on your list though, you think you could trade some Namaths for these guys?

    74 x2

    85 x2

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    I found this on your site if you still have it I could use it:
    1997 Derrick Thomas Chrome Refractor

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    nope the only one I have is the payton...I could throw in some other cards if ya tell who else ya like

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    i have three of the unitas topps chrome reprints. they are all refractors but i think that's the only way they come. i'm not sure. anyway i think the years are 57, 70, and 71

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    Bama.. i do not have any extra Namaths.. I will check on the DT for you tonight

    football_3304.. just looking for reprints right now.. thanks

    fbcards4all.. unitas has 3 versions.. the regular chromes seem to be the hardest to find.. but book the same as the refractors at $6 each.. plmk what we can do

    thanks to all

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    i think i have a few of the paytons...and a unitas on my trade page..lmk if interested....joe

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    I've got 3 for you. 96 Namath chrome #5 1969 bv10, and 2 72 topps Namath #9 bv6. I'll trade those for your Tavon Mason contenders auto. Sound good? I'm interested in your Phillip Buchanon jersey, but will do some checking for other reprints over the weekend.

    topps chrome havelist- raiders/redskins- Hidden Content
    Set wantlist-Hidden Content

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