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    JOE MAUER 2002 Bowman Heritage AU FT

    I have a Joe Mauer 2002 Bowman Heritage Autographed Card, BV is $60 or $65. Looking for certified autographs of decent players or the following:

    Jered Weaver
    Albert Pujols
    Mark Prior
    Delmon Young
    Ian Stewert

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    I may trade this for it-

    Delmon Young
    2003 Ultimate Collection Signatures Autograph card# DY1 serial# 113/300 bv $60

    Do you have a scan of the Mauer, I can scan the young if needed.

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    i got a soriano auto. would you be interested in that. it is from 1999 just

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    No thanks, truthfully the Just and Best products really suck and dont have any value to me

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