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    Yep, I need so many. The list of what I have is here:

    Please, anything will help! No trade is a small trade!


    (PS-i have game used, autos, and more that I am willing to trade, I really need a ton of willis stuff)

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    really need that pujols gu. check my site. i will offer all of my dontrelle stuff plus my base cards which it doesn't look like u have. lmk if u would do that. i have a very nice gu and a rc. lmk

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    i cannot trade that is the best pull of my life...1 out of 2, 750 packs...i only bought 2 packs at $1 each of 2003 stadium club at the tristar show here in sept. Havent seen the exact same one yet.

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    I have a 2003 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Auto BV: $25

    If you are intersted let me know. I am looking for an auto in return.

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    I could use these:

    2001 Fleer Autographics David Ortiz Auto BV: $15
    2000 Bowman Rafael Furcal Auto BV: $10


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    how about the furcal and the giles gu/auto? I cannot trade the ortiz...he is a sox

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    Yea I can do that...I didn't even see that when I first looked....PM me your addy and ill have your Willis out tomorrow.


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    DTRAIN-hello, sorry, but i was just checking my pms on the bench and got a sale offer for the furcal three days ago, so i cannot trade it to you. Please find something to make up the difference..i also have alot of 2003 topps traded cards...sorry for the inconvienence

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    The Only other card I could use is the Adrian Gonzalez Auto


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