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Thread: 02-03 Pacific Exclusives

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    02-03 Pacific Exclusives

    Ha anyone opened one of these boxes? I got one today and it looks like someone chewed on the cards before they put them in the packs.

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    Do the cards actually like have indentations on them or is it just how the design on the card makes it look??

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    No there really is some hevay flaking around the edges... i will scan one and post it so you can see.

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    Here it is.. its tough to see all the flaws...would be better against a black background but you can still see a lot of the edge chipping.

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    These cards are one of worst for chipping I seen so far, and I've heard this from alot of collectors. I won't be buying anymore.
    Well atleast the Mt-NMt cards will be worth more


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    WOW that is pretty bad. That really sucks about those cards. What does pacific have to say about this?

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    Not sure, how would I go about contacting them?

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    I'm sure that they have a link on there web site where you can e-mail them about a product you should try that

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    Ya those cards are really bad for chipping. I thought SP Authentic was bad but those are way worse.

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