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Thread: 2003 rc's for trade or sell

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    2003 rc's for trade or sell

    I have the following 03 rc's for trade or sell. I would like to trade them for any and all 2004 Press Pass cards

    ken dorsey--topps dp&p,topps,score(3)

    chris brown--ultra,topps dp&p chrome,topps dp&p,topps,score(3)

    bryant johnson--topps dp&p chrome refractor,topps,mvp,score(2)

    carson palmer--ylrta gold,topps,score(3)

    byron leftwich--topps,topps dp&p,ultra

    larry johnson--ultra,topps,score

    willis mcgahee--topps

    kyle boller--topps dp&p chrome,topps,score(2)

    charles rogers--topps,score(4)

    chris simms--score(3)

    anquan boldin--topps,topps all-american

    brandon lloyd--topps,score(2)

    rex grossman--topps,score(3)

    justin fargas--topps dp&p chrome,topps,score(3)

    onterrio smith--topps dp&p,topps,score

    justin gage--ultra gold,topps dp&p chrome,topps,score(2)

    teyo johnson--boe chrome,bow chrome refractor,topps dp&p,topps,score

    jason witten--topps dp&p chrome,topps,score(3)

    kevin curtis--topps,mvp(2),score,ultra

    terrence newman--topps,score(2)

    kelley washington--topps,score(2),bow chrome,mvp

    lee suggs--score(2),topps,topps all-american

    musa smith--topps,topps all-american,score

    taylor jacobs--mvp,topps dp&p,topps,score(2)

    talman gardner--topps dp&p chrome,tops dp&p (2),topps,score(3)

    dave ragone--topps dp&p chrome,topps dp&p(2),topps,score(3)

    nate burleson--topps

    andre johnson--topps,topps dp&p,score

    tyrone calico--topps,score

    brad banks--topps,topps all-american

    jason gesser--topps dp&p chrome,topps dp&P

    seneca wallace--ultra,topps dp&p(2),topps,

    labrandon toefield--topps dp&p,topps,score(30

    have several other players not listed
    just lmk if you need someone not listed
    again i'd like to trade for any and all 04 press pass cards or would sell for 70%
    off bv.---prefer paypal

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