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    Can Someone help me find a price?

    I pulled a Carmelo Anthony Lottery Draw from a 20 dollar box of Topps Rookie Matrix. It says that its about 1 and 500 or so, so I was wondering if the new beckett had the price of it. I have the May beckett but Matrix are not in the beckett. If anyone could tell me the price I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    where did you get a $20 box of rookie matrix and how many packs came in the box?

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    I got it at Target it came with 6 packs with 8 cards per pack.. I also got a few rookie triples. Carmelo/hinrich/wade and a few others.. the Carmelo lottery draw was the only insert I got.

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    yah for 20 bucks it was... im going to get another box in the near future and I'll let ya know if I still have some good luck..

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