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Thread: Penny's, Shaqs, Kids

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    Penny's, Shaqs, Kids

    Hey i got alot of Penny Shaq and Kidd basketball cards, some rookie, and some young or sophmore years. Looking to sell these, all cards are Mint condition. here is a list, email me offers and or info about a card you like or more, id prefer to sell each players cards in bulk or all 3 players together . i can also take pics of each once i install a driver for my camera. email me at


    Anfernee Hardaway- Draft Picks 1993- Classics- SB2
    Penny- Famous Nickname- 93-94 Fleer Ultra- 5 of 15
    Anfernee Hardaway- 94-95 SkyBox- 117
    Hardaway Focused/Emotion- 94-95 Skybox- 69
    Anfernee Hardaway- Guard/Forward- 94-95 Upper Deck- SE63
    Anfernee Hardaway- Wicked Dishes- 94-95 Hoops- 394
    Anfernee Hardaway- 94-95 Fleer- 159
    Anfernee Hardaway- Career Best Game- 96-97 Hoops- 331
    Anfernee Hardaway- Rookie Card- 93-94 Hoops- 380
    Anfernee Hardaway- Draft Pick- 93-94 Topps Stadium Club- 308
    Anfernee Hardaway- 1st Round Draft Pick- 93-94 Fleer Ultra- 305
    Anfernee Hardaway- Rookie- 93-94 Fleer Ultra- 343
    Anfernee Hardaway- Rookie- 93-94 Skybox- 259

    Ill throw in a 93-94 Rookie of Penny by Classic...has a crease through the middle. other then that all above cards are mint or near mint.


    Shaquille O'neal- International US Basketball-93-94 Skybox- 67
    Shaquille O'neal- 93-94 Upper Deck- 32
    Shaquille O'neal- 94-95 Skybox- 118
    Shaquille O'neal- 94-95 Fleer- 160
    Shaquille O'neal- 94-95 Flair- 107
    Shaquille O'neal- NBA League Leader- 94-95 Fleer-5of 8
    Shaquille O'neal- 92 Flash Backs-92-93 Classics-104
    Shaquille O'neal- 96-97 Fleer- 79
    Shaquille O'neal- Rebound King- 93-94 Fleer Ultra- 9 of 10
    Shaquille O'neal- Championship Shots- 95-96 Upper Deck- S2B0
    Shaq- Famous Nickname- 93-94 Fleer Ultra- 13 of 15
    Shaquille O'neal- Basketball Greats-95-96 Shaq- 91

    Jason Kidd

    Jason Kidd- All-Rookie- 94-95 Fleer Ultra- 5 of 15
    Jason Kidd- Geared Up/Emotion-94-95 Skybox-20
    Jason Kidd- Collectors Choice- 94-95 Upperdeck-377
    Jason Kidd- Rookie- 94-95 Fleer Ultra-43
    Jason Kidd- Draft Pick'94 1st Round- Topps Stadium Club- 172
    Jason Kidd- Rookie- 94-95 Flair- 202
    Jason Kidd- Magic's All Rookie Team- 94-95 Hoops- AR-2
    Jason Kidd- 1994 NBA Draft Pick- 94-95 Topps- 37

    I got alot more basketball cards..anyone that is interested in these bulks email me..i have big names like KG and others if your lookin.

    thanks for looking


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    i got my scanner workin....let me know if anyone wants pics

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