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Thread: Free Cards...No strings

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    Free Cards...No strings

    Now that I'm again stationed overseas and cards aren't as available, I've decided to lighten my card inventory.
    No, this isn't one of those, "My wife says, 'It's me or the cards'" scenarios.
    I just want to clear out some space, and give back a bit.

    So I'll be giving away (perodically) cards to random SCF members who post there favorite team (football only) in this thread.
    I'll be giving away some GU, numbered, inserts, base. Probably not any autographs though.
    I'll cover the postage too.

    Here are the rules.

    1. There is no particular time or schedule when I'll be doing this. Simply whenever I feel like it and/or have some spare change to cover S&H.
    2. I'll pick the recepient based on what I have available and feel like giving up.
    Not based on any "first-post-first-dibs" basis.
    3. If I select you, I will PM you for your address.
    4. Please do not PM me your favorite team. Only posts to this thread will be accepted (one team only please).
    5. If your post is not selected, it's nothing personal. Please do not be insulted.
    Thanks and let the posting begin...

    06Feb2009 - viet stylez - Miami Dolphins lot
    12Feb2009 - Bluedogcards - St.Louis Rams lot
    03Mar2009 - toppsman35 - 49ers lot
    08Aug2009 - Showdown - Seahawks lot
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