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    delmon young auto rc for trade.....maybe

    i pulled a 2003 bowman draft picks delmon young auto a couple of months ago, i was gonna get it graded (still might), i am looking for an andy marte topps tribute, or any nice offers

    look at how nice it is..........

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    ac- all i saw was the marte finest

    dtrain- did see anything i'd trade straight up for the young

    anybody else?

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    Hey, my offer stands:

    Marte and Willingham and Berkman GU For The Young auto and the Jackson, Edwin autograph

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    braynt- no thanks, i wanna trade it for one card of equal vlaue with as much potential

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    Is your Young in mint condition? I just acquired a Young BC Auto myself, and mine has a print run down the middle. If yours is mint, would you consider mine and $5 for yours?

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