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    Thumbs up 2 Box Break of 03 E-X MLB MOJO and some help needed!

    I would like to finish the base and RC set including the SP cards.
    Any help is appreciated.

    For the set I need #'s-

    73, 74-77, 79-82 SP cards
    83-87, 90-91, 93-98, 99-102 for RC

    My 2 SP cards for the base set were Nomo and Sheffield.

    Here are my inserts-

    Credentials Now Teixeira #/70
    Credentials Future Berkman #/26

    X-Tra Innings Jeter and Berkman

    I got lucky with the GU cards too

    Diamond Essentials GU-
    Piazza #/345
    Jeter #/245
    Sosa #145

    Behind the Numbers GU-
    Dontrelle Willis RC GU #/500
    Nomar #/500
    Chipper #/500
    Nomar #/199
    Berkman 3 color patch #/99 (Sweet looking card! Red/Gold/Black)

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    How much would you sell this for?:
    Dontrelle Willis RC GU #/500



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    How many do you have DAT? PM me or AOL/Yahoo IM me so we can talk about them.

    Kirby, gonna wait to see what I can get for it in trade for the SP and RC cards I need for the set before getting rid of it. If I cannot get anything I need from the singles I will be in touch.


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    Need this one, Credentials Now Teixeira #/70
    Check my site.

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    Unless you have some of the cards I need for my set on that, no thanks. I am trying to complete my set first.

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    Can't help ya out there.....if you decide to trade the Tex, lmk!

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