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    Need to Raise $ for Pippen auto next week: Some nice stuff for sale CHEAP!

    ok heres some things im willing to get rid of WAY BELOW EBAY PRICES and BV! plmk!


    03-04 SPx Spectrum Yao Ming #ed/25 bv approx $120
    Sell $38!!

    03-04 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs LEBRON/wagner #ed/500
    Sell $11 (ebays for $15)

    99-00 Skybox Star Rubies Gary Payton #ed/45 BV$60
    Sell $13! thats 20%!!

    03-04 Topps Black Border RC Dwayne Wade #ed/500
    Sell $23!! (ebays for $30)

    97-98 Stadium Club One of a Kind Chris Webber #ed/150 bv$60
    Sell $10! thats 15%!!

    97-98 Ultra Platinum Medallion Antonio McDyess #ed/100 bv$60
    Sell $8! thats 13%!!


    97-98 EX Tracy McGrady RC bv$20
    Sell $8!!

    96-97 Ultra Kobe Bryant RC bv$20
    Sell $10!!

    96-97 Fleer Kobe Bryant RC bv$12
    Sell $6!!

    ADDITIONALLY: Any #ed or Refractor BV $5+ is for sale at 30%
    All Game used and Patches are for sale as well, ask for price!

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    Hey just to let you know the I saw a Wade sell for $30 so your price is way below ebay price.

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    Superman: Thanks :)...i knew that was a bit too low, if someone hasnt taken it by now ill raise it.

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