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    Looking for a DeAngelo Hall and/or Michael Jenkins Auto...

    LMK what you have...I will trade for or buy.


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    i have a nice jenkins auto. it is a press pass signature edition blue auto numbered to 50. let me know how much you would pay for it.

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    a PSA 10 went for close to $16 so id say about $10-$12 for mine.

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    wait lol you bought one alot less rare for like a close price are you still interested.

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    I just spent my maximum on a Jenkins from DLackey.

    That is a very fair price though...I appreciate it.'


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    yea no problem you wouldnt happen to have a any larry fitzgerald or eli manning autos? if so i can trade this and more for one. thanx

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    I don't have much football....I have mainly baseball, but I am a huge Falcon Fan. I have some nice RC's of Jamal Lewis, Clinton Portis, LT, and Charles Rogers that I could package togeather for it if you are interested.


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