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    PUJOLS GU to trade to best offer


    I pulled a:
    2004 Upper Deck Authentic Stars Pujols GU $15

    I will trade that for the best offer. I would want another GU or an auto. A picture of the card is available on my website.
    My only other Pujols are:
    2003 Patchworks National Pastime ($5)
    2003 UD MVP ($1)
    2004 Topps Pujols #40 $1
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #186 $1.50
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #246 Scrapbook .75
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #268 Pace Setters .75

    I can add those in as well.
    Make sure to visit my website to see the other great cards I have for trade.

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    I have a 2001 Fleer Platinum Team Leaders Pujols that books for 15 if you want that

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    I'll trade you a 01 Topps American Pie JFK Berlin Wall BV$20 for the jersey. PLMK>

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    I'll trade a 2003 Topps Team Tribute GU dual Orlando Cepeda bat/ Juan Marichal jersey card #rd 272/275 BV-$30 for all 3 of your pujols cards
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    take your pick!
    Game used cards for trade

    03 Andruw Jones Donruss Gamers Jersey Number G-39 413/500 $12

    03 Aaron Sele Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials 171 Jsy 65/250 $8

    03 Jason Giambi Playoff Piece of the Game #42A A's Bat $10

    03 Troy Glaus Playoff Piece of the Game #97A Jsy $10

    03 Roberto Alomar Studio Player Collection #1 242/300 Bat $10

    02 Jeff Bagwell Upper Deck Ovation Lead Performer Jerseys LP-JB $15

    03 Jeff Bagwell Fleer Authentix Game Jersey JB $10

    03 J.D. Drew Upper Deck Finite Elements Game Jersey JD $8

    03 Adam Dunn Upper Deck Finite Elements Game Jersey AD $10
    02' Hideo Nomo Fleer Genuine Leaders jersey #8 $20
    Lyle Overbay
    03 Bowman all-star futures Jersey fg-lo $8
    03 Fleer Hot Prospects MLB Hot Materials LO Jersey 13/1250 $8
    02 Jim Edmonds Sweet Spot Swatches JE $10
    02' Mo Vaughn Topps Tools of the Trade GU Bat TTRR-MVB $8

    2003-04 Saku Koivu Topps Pristine Jersey Portions PPJ-SK A $10
    2001 Terry Glenn SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric TG $10

    2000-01 SP Game Floor Authentic Floor KB2 Kobe Bryant AS $30

    Other Game used cards in My collection

    Mike Piazza
    02 Studio Masterstrokes Artist Proofs 4-Color Jersey(part of the patch) 190/200 #MS-13
    02 Donruss Bat Kings 249/250 #BK-3
    03 Fleer Focus JE MLB Shirtified Game Jersey MP $10
    03 Piazza/Clemens UD MVP Double Base #BB-CP
    03 Upper Deck Finite Elements Game Jersey MI $10

    Freddy Garcia
    01 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time 16 White S1
    02 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey#POG-24
    02 UD Diamond Collection Jersey 360/775 #230
    03 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials 170 Jersey 85/250

    John Olerud
    01 SP Game Bat Edition Piece of History
    02 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey #POG-37

    Bret Boone
    02 Flair Power Tools GU Bat #5
    02 Fleer Box Score Amazing Greats Single Swatch Jersey #3
    02 Topps 206 GU Jersey #TR-bb0
    02 Topps Ten Hits Leaders GU Bat #TTR-BB0

    Kazuhiro Sasaki
    02 UD Mid-Summer Swatches All-Star Game #ms-ks
    02 UD Ovation Diamond Futures #DF-KS


    97 Mike Cameron Bowman Certified Auto. #CA11
    99 Tony Torcato Team Best Auto (Cant find it in the book.Gold goes for $5. Gotta be close)
    99' Jayson Werth Just Auto #125

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    I'm going to wait for 12 offers or 12 hours, whichever comes first, and then I'll select the best one for me.

    Thanks a lot for all your offers!

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    I just looked through my collection again and found:
    2004 Topps Pujols #40 $1
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #186 $1.50
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #246 Scrapbook .75
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #268 Pace Setters .75

    Keep those offers coming!!

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    soxfan i'd love to get that card, i received the card you sent me yesterday so you should get mine tomorrow probably! thanks for that trade, anyway, did i have anything that interested you? maybe we coudl work something out for the giambi auto if you're still you stilll have the zito auto?

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    akoch- Thanks for the feedback. The Zito auto sold on eBay on Friday for $19.99. Sorry.

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    I have a 2003 Jose Reyes auto if you are interested BV-$25 for the all of the Pujols and possibly another card if you could throw an extra in because I really don't like trading an auto for a GU since GU are on the decline. LMK as soon as poss

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