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Thread: 2003 star and rookie lot

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    2003 star and rookie lot

    200 cc delivered they r yours

    topps pristine marty booker
    topps pristine shaun alexander
    topps pristine deuce mcallister
    topps pristine aaron brooks
    ud superstars donovan mcnabb
    score justin gage
    fleer showcase marshall faulk
    fleer showcase kurt warner footballs best insert
    fleer platinum ladainian tomlinson
    topps rickey williams
    topps ladainian tomlinson
    topps b j askew rc
    topps talman gardner rc
    topps kevin curtis rc
    press pass je rex grossman
    press pass terrance newman
    press pass rex grossman
    fleer ultra deuce mcalister
    fleer genuine mark bulger
    fleer genuine rickey williams
    fleer mystique deuce mcallister
    fleer mystique marshall faulk
    ud honor roll kenny king rc
    ud honor roll kevin curtis rc
    bowman jordan gross
    bowman michael haynes
    bowman gibran handan
    bowman cecil sapp
    bowman terrance edwards
    bowman osi umenyiora
    bowman ron belemy
    bowman chaun thomson
    bowman gerald hayes
    bowman ty warren
    ud mvp marcus trufant rc
    playoff prestige jake plummer gridiron heritage insert

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    I will take your 2002 & 2003 lots
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    Looking for Hines Ward stuff, 2013 Topps Archives Gold, and Football HOF autos.

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    bottom9th..........ok sounds good send the cc and ill try and ship thurs or fri.........definately friday if not thurs

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