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    Couple of nice Dontrelle Willis cards to Trade or Sell!

    here they are:

    2004 leaf gold press proof #'d 4/25

    2004 fleer authentix gold game jersey #'d/67

    i would prefer to trade for any pujols but i would sell if the price is good. lmk
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    I am very interested in both of them...However, I don't have any Pujols...PLMK if there's anything you could use on my site for them.


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    u know what i want from u! lol a cabrera rc! if u don't want to trade that plmk if u would but. thanks!

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    Hmmm...I'll think about it....Would you trade both of them for it or what? If I decide to keep them, is there anything else ya need? :) PLMK.


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    no there is nuthing else i need. lm if u will trade one. i was planning on just giving the gold parellel for it.

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    Albert Pujols 03 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Franchise Focus # 18 of 20 FF

    Albert Pujols 03 Fleer Hot Prospects Cream of the Crop # 12 of 15 CC

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