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    looking for lots of 04 Cracker Jack

    I am looking for a lot of 04 Cracker Jack cards. I am not looking for mini's, just regular sized. I do need variations and SP's. I busted a box and decided to go for a set. Stupid me. Anyways, please let me know what you have and what you need in return.

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    I have quite a few of just commons if that's what you need.. PM me if you do indeed need those and we'll talk

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    I probably have a few that you can use. What Chipper Jones or Marcus Giles cards do you have for trade? Also, do you have a list of the ones that you need? LMK. Thanks.

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    Hayes: i'll give ya a pm

    Dark Angel: check my page for Jones stuff. I have a pretty long list. i'll give ya a pm

    Anyone else?

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    LUKER2324. i broke a hobby box. iam not doing the set. so i have quite a lot. iam looking for auto.s / game used or rookies. so pm your want list to me. thanks.

    collecting rookies auto game used of hall of famer or retired players all sports.

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