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    Question Anyone think Heat have a chance?

    I love the Heat, but the fact that they can't win a damn game on the road really sucks, If they win tonite here at home then i think they might have a chance to win in indy cause they don't quit.
    what do you all think?

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    NO chance at all. Pacers will either surprise them tonight, and if not then they will win game 7 Guaranteed.

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    unless the heats come up and player like they want a champioship

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    they can play however they want. Pacers take this series. Guaranteed

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    Just as much a chance as that other team from Miami back in October.

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    Like most people, I see Miami possibly taking tonight's game, but I don't see them taking one in Indiana.

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    I kinda see it like that also, they might win tonite, but not in Indy.
    But then again who would of thought the Florida Marlins would win the World Series last season and against the Yankees at that.
    Either way i hope the Heat win the series.

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    The Marlins was an upset, the Heat wont :-) Ill bet on the game tonight and take the Pacers if anyone wants Miami. Miami has a good chance tonight. Look under the sports card betting forum if interested

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    To quote the late Chick Hearn, legendary Hall-of-Fame announcer for the Lakers:

    The Heat have 2 chances to beat the Pacers and advance:

    SLIM and NONE

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