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    Beckett Collectors $35 Package Coupon for $2

    For $2 + $1 for shipping or $2 + SASE you get this:

    Coupon (expires June 1st, 2005) for a Beckett Baseball Collectors Package

    Coupon for:

    1 free grading (5-day level)
    beckett baseball plus
    beckett baseball collectors

    total value: $35

    first offer gets it

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    i'll take it with the sase but u have to give me like 3 days because i am supposed to be getting 4 bucks in the mail for my ichiro rc. also, i just wanted to know if u got my money for the hobby buddy auctions? lmk thanks!

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    pujols..-you got it..also, what was the $$ for...i may have gotten it may have not..if it was for the carter rc and alexis rios then yes i did and i sent your card out yesterday

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    ya it was for that. i will let u know when i get the money. also, how do u redeem the magazines? lmk

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    i think they send you back a coupon for a free mag, or theyb send you one

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