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Thread: 04 Team Heroes box break

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    04 Team Heroes box break

    well i couldnt resist i mean come one 4 different Nolan Ryans in the set plus Matos and Gibbons had to try

    heres the cards:
    Dale Murphy
    Steve Carlton
    Ricky Henderson
    Keith Hernandez
    Gary Carter
    Matt Clement
    Mark Teixeira
    Edwin Jackson
    Will Clark
    Eric Hinske
    Troy Glaus
    Jeremy Guthrie
    + 31 more (just ask if i have team/player)

    No parallels

    Greg Aquino (D-Backs)

    not bad for $10 but still looking for the ryans, matos, and gibbons

    LMK what you think

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    i have Brian Bruney and i also came across these:
    03 BCDP - 12, 22, 130

    do you have a trade list?

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    Sorry, don't have a tradelist, and I have not updated my BDP needs, so I don't need those. I assum you are interested in Ryan's, anyone else?

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    Luis Matos, Adam Loewen, Jay Gibbons and John Maine

    all for the Orioles

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    I pulled a 1 Ryan out 4 packs the other day. It's # 191 (Astros). I'd trade it for something I need from the players in my sig.


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    no giambi but i do have the Giambi from 04 Diamond collection all stars....need it?

    Rick - here is what i have:
    1993 Score Griffey
    02 Fan Club Griffey
    04 Prestige Wood
    03 Topps 205 Prior

    need any of those?

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