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Thread: WTT: Gretzky

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    WTT: Gretzky

    Hello, I am a new Member to the Boards, My name is chuck and i Collect Any and All Pittsburgh Penguins Cards. But most of all Johan Hedberg and Mario Lemieux.

    As of Now i have 32 Wayne Gretzky cards i would like to trade straight up for 32 Mario and hedberg cards, Could be 1 mario and 31 hedbergs or any combination of the two. I am also looking to trade anyone for penguins cards. Doubles triples, 10x the same card, i dnt care i just want penguins, ill trade anyone. My email is SLIPKORN981@YAHOO.COM hope to hear from you all soon.

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    What Gretzky cards do you have? I have some Penguins To trade

    00/01 Jiri Slegr bap auto
    87/88 Mario
    01/02 BAP mario retrospectives r-10,r20
    02/03 Topps heritage Mario retrofractor 321/667

    Have others also , I'll look

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    do you have AOL, AIM, or Yahoo messanger or an email address.
    send me a tradelist of penguins and i can do same on the Gretzkys

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    hey I have a hedberg titanium rookie card #'d out of 1000, I also have a kovalev auto'd card, a straka auto'd card both BAP ummmm and I have other stuff, o GU cards of straka, kraft, morozov, and others email me wiht your list of GU, AUTO'D, and ROOKIE cards thanks!!!!

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    Sent out the lists. Still looking for All penguins cards.
    Ive been searching everywhere for the

    2000-2001 UD ICE johan hedberg rc numbered to 1500
    Anyone have it lmk please

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    I dont need any of the Gretzky's from your list.

    Do you have any Blackhawks?

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    I have a ton of blackhawks including a 2001-2002 UD ICE daze jersey. Name me some players i have mostly base and inserts

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    I can get the UD ICE Hedberg Rc from a local shop, what will you trade / how much will you pay for it. I also have some penguins base and inserts, i'll send you a list soon. I want Marty Trco cards.

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