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    newbie here, just saying whats up

    Hello to all, the names Eric, just wanted to introduce myself, im a huge lakers fan, I only collect basketball cards, I also collect mcfarlane figures, comic books, and music memorobilia, im a regular on the boards, so when I decide to start trading on here, your more than welcome to do ref checks on there, I hope that its alright to post this on here.
    I am in the process of creating my buy sell trade site, so when thats finished I will let the trading begin, also if there is anyone I should stay away from please lmk, thanks.

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    Hi and welcome.

    I have several cards of Kobe and Shaq 4 t/s

    Check my page:

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    not really anything im interested in, thanks tho

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    Welcome, and if you have anything on Miami Heat, Dolphins, Marlins i'll sure take a look at your list lol.

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